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Multiple passports, New passports & duplicate passports

Driver License

Simplified procedure for driving license issue, Exchange of equivalent & duplicate driving license

IELTS & Diplomas

Get a verifiable IELTS certification, TOEFL, GMAT, with grades, diplomas, transcripts etc

ID Cards

New ID cards, EU ID cards, states ID cards & duplicate IDs

Bank Statements & SSN

Verifiable bank statements stamp; social security cards. And more on duplicate bank statements and ssn.

Residence permits & Visas

Know and get your Schengen visa, USA visa, green cards and other residence permits.

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In as much as you are not breaking the law, you can have real documents from another country from anywhere around the world with the help of voyagewatch team and lawyers.

To apply real documents online today is very easy as we share information faster these days.  It become paramount and necessary to open up privately to voyagewatch where privacy is respected. Voyagewatch advices and gives the best possible solution, with background checks and uses juriceprudence where necessary to forcast the outcome of your process and helps clients in the best way possible to secure and issue your documents while saving time for you to catch up with your flight or plans. To apply for real and buy real documents online at voyagewatch is to save time in finances.

About us

Voyagewatch is a clear and ultimate pass  to apply and buy real documents online. We are a certified document expeditor and document courier. Taking a serious note of ceaseless search of genuine and reliable documents of all types, voyagewatch was born as a product of agent smith who Worked in the DMV for a remarkable 12 years. It is therefore clear that the specialty of how to apply and buy real documents online is rooted at voyagewatch.

Today we are proud to announce that we have become a choice of millions. What had started 10 years ago, now has become a reputable and reliable company in the arena of documentation. All credit goes to our Engineers, technicians, IT specialists, Our team of legal minds, high-tech printing machines, experts, unique software and superb delivery team. All of them have hugely contributed permit anyone around the world to apply and buy real documents online at voyagewatch.

Our highly qualified quality team closely scrutinizes each document during verification and no margin of error goes without notice. setting up a platfom like this to apply and buy real documents online could be tricky, but voyagewatch is happy to have developed team that has stood the taste of time to issue quality services out there.

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The common confusion is that everyone knows what a real document is, but do not understand why a real document should be issued by another party different from the official issuer. Some people wonder why someone who has the ability to issue real documents will actually issue fake documents. Some wonder why they should go for a duplicate document when the real deal is also available. Some wonder whether fake documents are of any use.

The core check at voyagewatch to apply and buy real documents online in background checks to help you at the highest level in what you need.


Security Features Replicated in Real Documents

  • True watermarks
  • Simulated watermarks
  • Intaglio printing
  • Geometric lathe work
  • Microprinting
  • Optically variable ink
  • Holograms
  • Security threads
  • Magnetic ink
  • Serial numbers
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The only difference between real documents and fake documents is that real documents are registered in their corresponding databases while fake documents are not. That’s the only difference. This means that if you get a fake passport from us and go to a location like the security terminal of an airport where the document needs to be checked, the person checking will not know it is fake simply by physical and scanning examination because the document will contain all textural, design and security features of a real passport. If you have to apply and buy real documents online, you need protection from issues.

However, since the fake passport is NOT registered on the database of passports, when the passport number is checked on the computer linked to those databases it will not return a valid result.

All documents we offer are 100% replicas of officially issued documents because we use the same cutting edge equipments/technology and design templates that have been mimicked to match the official templates as much as 99.98%. We accurately replicate all design features and print on the same high quality paper that official document issuers use. We also accurately replicate security features such as holograms, 3D printing. To apply and buy real documents online at voyagewatch englobes security and reliability.

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